Dear future partners, here is our story in short.

By contacting us you make an excellent decision. We are arguably the best known and most experienced marketing and sales training company in Slovenia.

We are in business since 1995 and more than 160.000 people went through our training programs. Sales and marketing are what we are specialized in.


Our story:

Lisac&Lisac is among the first training companies in Slovenia. We are best known consulting and sales/marketing company in Slovenia and local brand number one in Slovenia in the field of marketing and sales trainings and consulting services.

Among other things we organized the largest sales and marketing seminar ever in Slovenia – 4000 people attending sales and marketing seminar in basketball arena Tivoli in Ljubljana.

Our sales and marketing workshop (one day seminar) is the best selling workshop in Slovenia (executed 137 times, with more than 5600 attendees).

We also published more than 150 books in Slovenia and Croatia (mostly from the field of marketing, sales and personal growth).


What is the main benefit in working with us?

We know the sales; we know how to train people. This is what we do for the last 25 years.

By hiring us you risk nothing. You are guaranteed to get results.

Working with us is easy. We do not complicate, we listen, and we execute with excellence.


Our references that are more relevant for you?

First of all, we worked (train salespeople, consult …) with 80 % of Slovenian largest companies and with 54 % of Slovenian fastest growing companies. We have references from practically all industries in Slovenia. We worked for best companies in insurance, pharmacy, logistic, tourism, fair organizers, store chains … You name it, we trained or consulted them.


Our latest program?

New business trainings, consulting, marketing seminars and different business simulations in a very quiet Slovenian region – Kostel by the beautiful river Kolpa.

With best wishes

Aleš Lisac



Lisac&Lisac d.o.o.